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The Trial
A large bang broke her spell a rush of heat and fire. Her sacred place by the tree had been discovered. The crowd had surrounded her. Their faces twisted in smugness by the flicking torches. Hands reached out grabbed her locked her in chains. She failed to stop the theft of her wand.
The dogs snarled and barked and they trekked to the docks. Several boats were moved away to make room for a chair that hovered over the pier. It was mader from dark Wood adored with spikes. She wiped tears from her face as she stepped up to the edge of the pier.
A man with a grim look in his eyes emerged from the crowd. Torches set among the docks flicked and gave out little warmth on the late night. Her captors stripped her of her clothes and locked her in the chair. Charges were laid upon her seduction, crop failure, stealing, vagrancy and heresy. Each time many of the crowd would shout confirmations and claim witness to her deeds.
A leather book with presented to her. They had found her grimoire still d
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My latest works of Photography.

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A cry of fiery outrage and suspicion burst from the rabble. There is was a snap of the wood from the man with the grim look as broke the wand over his knee like a naughty child had stolen a loaf of bread.
In the blink of an eye an explosion of purple light from the chair pushed the townsfolk down onto their backs. Then ball of light shimmered away into the dark of the night
Shouts of accusations came from other shady members of the crowd in beer tainted and pointed crooked dirt encrusted fingers. The grim faced man shooed away their baseless fears for he had his God at his side and the filthy witch’s wand and grimoire. At least he thought. He searched the ground quickly scanning the dock and got down on his hands and knees and peered through the gaps of the pier. The dark water sloshed in the darkness.
It was gone the wand and the spell book he padded his coat pocket. An amulet of protection around his neck wasn't he enough to stop the witch. His blood boiled in righteous fury at the sound of fading running steps. Pushing through the dispersing crowd. He couldn't wiggle easily through as the thief. One of the drunk accusers poked him the ribs and without a thought he turned and threw a punch. The accuser retaliated and hit back. A fight began to emerge spitting out like sparks from a crackling fire.

Far above the witch floated in a breeze of velvet smoothness. Her eyes now purple saw another layer of the town. A thick oily clung to the building and seemed to soak the streets themselves. The townsfolks themselves cloaked in it like heavy leather coats, shirts, dresses and hats  with dazzling masks of red sparkles covering their faces and hearts.  Yet in a wind felt not in their world blew her away. She saw glimpses of pale hopeful blue among a few people. Looking down as the crow flies she was pushed over her the grand courtyard. Her scared tree was pouring out pale blue bubbles of energy protecting it and her from the dark cloud that was enveloping the town. She reached out to grab branch but her hand phased through it. The other worldly breeze picked her up and blew her harder away from the town towards the coast. In the far distance with the fading light of the moo she saw the black goo oozing from a gash in the heart of their fields of grain, fruit and vegetables. Blackened and dying with painful sorrow.
Then as sudden as her dunk into the water she was pulled down and fast. Her long purple ghost astral hair whipped around her. With each fee she descend the weight grew in her chest and head it was spreading. She awoke in a grasp of breath and rose in a bed of hay on the back of a wagon. Naked barring a soft blanket clutching in her hand was her grimoire. Looking up at her with a man's face filled with hope and surprise in his dark brown eyes.  His hands clasped together in the fashion of the old religion. Sheepishly he scuffled his short black hair and handed back her wand. The witch kissed his cheek and her eyes caught a fading look at the town's plague. Her heart burned with a promise she clenched her fist and her wand fused back together. With a snap of the reins the wagon was on the move.
Hello Watchers,

After a little bit of a self imposed hiatus and rethinking. I decided to put more of an effort to cultivate an audience and fav/comment on works on Deviantart. If you did read my previous journals you will know what I said. But if not then let me refresh you the second last journal entry I had done a big cull of my works from the gallery on here and I was wreslting with the idea of leaving DA because of offering doubles of my works on two websites and lack of feedback part of it was no sense of community I . The other journal entry was that I had finally gotten a digital camera and leaving film behind for a few years.

Last night I returned here missing a sense of being in a community which i was expecting but no recieveing much. So over the past few months that I have now been using my DSLR much more that my film counterpart. Logically because i'm no longer restricted by only 36 exposures. Especially since a couple of  months ago I have become an uncle again to a beautiful  niece Elizabeth and I had a chance to shoot falling snow for the first time in rural victoria. Events that I would have been very cautious of how shots to take. So I now have the means to offer both sites to have exclusive content for people who follow me.

Thanks for reading
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  • Reading: Ministery of Food By Jamie Oliver
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Michael Couacaud
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
I’‘m a creative person with a strong visual sense. I’m experimenting with different techniques in creative outlets. Creativity is the key for me. I always encourage people to express themselves in what ever medium they chose.

Current Residence: Melbourne
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite photographer: Sebastiao Salgado
Favourite style of art: Cinematic
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Silver
Wallpaper of choice: Close up on the moon
Skin of choice: silver
Favourite cartoon character: Bender
Personal Quote: Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.


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